Frequently asked questions


01. Platform Registration

Access the Registration link and select the option ‘Are you new member? Click here’: the registration form opens. All the mandatory fields have to be completed. After having checked ‘I’m not a robot’, select the “Register” button. The user will receive an email to the provided email address with the instructions to complete the user profile.

02. Login registration issues

It is a technical misalignment: ask the user for the email address and open a ticket to providing both the email address and the error by the system.

Ask the user to wait a few minutes and to verify if he/she has received the registration email. If so, then the registration is successful and ask the user to access the link. Otherwise, ask the user to re-submit the registration (after having changed the browser and empty the Synesgy cache).

If the latter doesn’t work, open a ticket to

The error appears when the company is already registered on the Synesgy website.

To verify this, the customer support operator will go to the Login Page, inserts its the credentials,  and then click on the ‘Admin Console’ > ‘User Settings’, searching the company through Business ID or company name:

If the company is there, it means it has already been registered and we can also check for the email used for the registration. In this case, the operator communicates to the client that the company is registered on Synesgy.

The user can recover his password by Clicking Password Forgotten here. 

Instead, if you are still struggling with the process, the operator accesses the Synesgy Portal with his credentials, clicks on the ‘Admin Console’ > ‘User Settings’, searches the company through Business ID or company name and selects the key icon.



03. User changes

It is necessary to carefully analyse this point: if the request comes from the head of a supply chain then we can proceed with the change. Instead, if the request is from a user that has voluntarily registered on the Synesgy platform, it is needed to be sure that the user asking for this is the one entitled by the company to manage it and effectively employed in the company.

Indeed, both cases require a written request.

After having certified the user identity, the operator accesses the Synesgy Portal with its credentials, clicks on the ‘Admin Console’ > ‘User Settings’, searches the company through Business ID or company name and selects the pencil icon:

From this panel, it is possible to change data like email address, name, surname, telephone number, etc.

04. Quality check and questionnaire status

The user can click ‘Save as draft’, available in each of the questionnaire’s sections, and then resume the compilation later. Instead, if the attachments will never be available, it is necessary to modify the answers in the questionnaire.

It means that the user has to attach the needed documentation (questionnaire status: failed validation). At the end of the questionnaire, the user can see the list of needed documents, the supported formats and the button to be pressed to upload them.

If the user presses ‘Upload the file’, he/she will have to choose a category (label) for the doc, e.g. energy bill, water bill, partnership, certification, etc.

No bold problems: they have to be considered as a bug. If some verification notices are non-bold then a ticket to has to be opened.

Bold problems: these notices are checked by the operators. The check is completed through access to business information (e.g. the user declares 7 employees while 5 are declared in BIR).

In the section ‘Quality check’, for a specific company, the operator can see if there is a lock icon. In this case, an operator has taken charge of the questionnaire.

If an operator wants to understand the validation progress and urge the operator to manage the process, it is possible to click on the ‘Comments’ section and see who is controlling it. If it is not possible to retrieve the name, write an email to

We can support the user by asking to access the ‘Comments’ section where he/she will see all of the warnings related to specific questions to be reviewed

We can share only the public comments.

05. Questionnaire compilation

It is not possible to print the questionnaire through the platform. Instead, the user can download the full report on the local pc and then print it.

The change can be made only when first access to the platform is gained. After that, the operator should open a ticket to to manage this operation.

We have a specific operator that takes care of your request and forwards it to you to our specialized support to assist you.

Synesgy provides SMEs with an ESG assessment allowing them to disclose the outcome to their stakeholders. In addition, Synesgy is an instrument used by large supply chains to increase the level of transparency among market actors concerning ESG topics. Indeed, Synesgy supports attracting credit institutions and investors by self-declaring the actions towards sustainability.

The questionnaire is composed of a core section as well as industry-specific questions in line with norms and worldwide standards. At the end of the completion phase, a certificate is granted to the company.