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Synesgy is the digital and global platform, born from the alliance between CRIF, CRIBIS and a network of strategic partners worldwide, to collect and manage corporate sustainability information.

Using a questionnaire in line with international standards such as the UN 2030 Agenda, the United Global Compact and the EU Taxonomy, the Synesgy platform enables Corporates, SMEs, Banks and Insurance companies to assess their own sustainability and verify the ESG performance of their customers and suppliers.

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To achieve consistent and long-lasting development, it is essential to prioritize sustainable practices.
Thanks to ESG data, an individual business is assessed not only on the basis of financial statements and accounting information, but also on extra-financial factors that have to do with corporate values, identity and strategies from an environmental, ethical and social responsibility perspective.

Synesgy empowers, with a particular focus on SMEs to conduct a self-evaluation of their custainability practices, pinpointing areas of strength and opportunities for growth, and taking concrete steps towars a sustainable transition that enhances their cometitiveness in the market.


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To Supply Chain Managers, the market and regulations require the monitoring and management of the sustainability of all actors that lead to the realization of the final product.
For this, it is also necessary to monitor and report on the efforts of the entire supply chain and therefore all suppliers, whose activities determine a large impact on the entire production process.
Synesgy makes it possible to assess the sustainability of the supply chain in which more structured companies can implement within their procurement processes tools to qualify and evaluate their Supplier Roll also from the point of view of sustainability.

Through the dashboards, Supply Chain Leaders can analyze how suppliers around the world gather on different ESG performance indicators and enhance their Sustainability Report.
Synesgy's international process, based on a standard methodology and localization of information collection, is particularly effective for global supply chains.

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Since 2022, the European Banking Authority (EBA), has introduced the Green Asset Ratio (GAR), which measures banks' commitment to sustainable transformation on total assets.
For both Banks and Insurances, ESG analysis is becoming a critical and decisive component of financial assessments driven by investors, regulators, and corporations.

It is therefore critical to conduct an ESG analysis by completing a questionnaire that enables financial players to guide lending strategies toward more sustainable, responsible and transparent companies.
The latter makes it possible to attest and monitor companies not only quantitatively but also qualitatively on issues related to: sustainability, social concern, and corporate governance.