Sustainability assessments and score to all companies worldwide

Synesgy is the global digital platform for ESG sustainability assessment within the supply chain.

The market is asking questions, how is your company responding?

Sustainability is revolutionising companies, don't get left behind: Synesgy helps you to know your level of sustainability and provides a useful assessment to be accredited in the marketplace.

The road to sustainability is no longer an option: through the self-assessment and suggested action plan, Synesgy helps you understand how to improve your ESG sustainability.

To evaluate the sustainability of suppliers


Evaluate the sustainability of the supply chain through an updated monitoring system


Implement monitoring tools within the procurement process


Prevent operational and reputational risks


Guarantee transparency in evaluating the production process of the supply chain, through dashboards and scores

Why fill in the Synesgy's Questionnaire?


To execute the self-assesment to check your own sustainability level


To have a unique process that qualifies the ESG frameworks for all companies requesting it


Obtain the Synesgy Certification to be published on website and social networks


To use benchmark to position the company compared to the sector

ESG Guide

Get started with our ESG Guide. All the knowledge and insights on leveraging and implementing ESG to empower your business. 

Managing And Reducing ESG Risks With Data
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Managing and Reducing ESG Risks with Data

Learn how data-driven strategies can be pivotal in managing and mitigating ESG risks, aligning corporate objectives with sustainability commitments and regulatory demands.


What is Synesgy?